In Pursuit

Short Film

A young couple moves cross-country to start a new life. But the moment they arrive, their car gets commandeered in a police chase. They set out on a quest to get it back, but the journey forces them to re-examine their relationship and figure out if they’re still chasing the same things… Can they recover what they had, or can they start over with nothing but each other?


Directed by Kevin Mead

Written by Kevin Mead & Christina Strain 

Produced by Constanza Castro

Cinematography by Shadi Chaaban

Production Design by Dylan Metzger

Edited by Yuri Chernykh

Music by Katy Jarzebowski

Casting by Cara Chute-Rosenbaum


This is my thesis film, made as part of my Directing MFA at the American Film Institute. 

If you'd like to view the full movie, or know more about the status/future of the project, please get in touch!